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About Us

O’Café is a hip, young and happening café. We create the sweetest, fluffiest, healthiest and tastiest of donuts with the freshest of ingredients.

At the center of our donuts, is a whole new exciting experience! With our nine exciting flavors that will make your mouth water, we are here to recreate the ultimate donut experience for you!


O’ Café was founded by Haja Mohideen, a computer and technology fanatic with a keen interest in the arts, design and films. Just like the distinct menu at O’Café, several ingredients make up his dream of starting O’Café.

With multiple innovation patents to his name, Mr. Mohideen is a perfectionist who believes in pushing the boundaries and achieving the impossible.

As a firm believer in following one's dreams, Haja believes in instilling positivity and happiness in everyone who is willing to work towards their dream. His passion for spreading happiness, love, and joy has given birth to the unique and innovative creation of O’Café .

O’Café is not like other cafés with an ever-dormant menu of coffees, donuts, and pastries. By bringing innovation, joy, music and happiness to the concept of donuts, coffee and more, O’café is a place where dreams meet reality.

Delicious Donuts

From sprightly school kids and spirited college students to globetrotting businessmen, our delicious donuts are for anyone who enjoys food and loves to have a little fun in life. Step in, forget the world, grab a donut and enjoy life.

O’Café is a little bit of donuts, a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of love.
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Our mission is to enhance the experience of our customers by providing them with a relaxed environment and a tasty donut. We want our service to be better than anyone else. With our donuts, we want to bring a smile to each customer’s face.


To spread happiness and love across the world, by becoming the world’s favorite place for delicious donuts and great coffee.
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