At O’Café , we don’t just serve you coffee; we serve you a fresh cup of passion and love. Check out the best coffee flavors in O’Café .

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Something Different

Tired of the usual, boring sandwiches? Let us give you something different! How about a sandwich that is as mouthwatering as a dessert?

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Your Everyday Treat

Even our sandwiches remind you of a donut! One bite and our Sandberry Sandy will melt in your mouth. Our sandwich is not just your Sunday morning breakfast; it is your everyday treat!

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Sandy to the Rescue

You simply cannot leave O’Café without tasting our unique donut shaped Sandberry Sandy. Stuffed with boiled eggs, fresh sliced chicken, cheese and the goodness of a creamy mayo, it is delicious. Alternatively, you can add some zing to it with succulent meat and veggies placed between two fresh loaves of bread!

We want you to enjoy every single bite of our sandwich, and so have ensured that it's made to perfection!

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