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Our Donuts

Has life been throwing a lot of problems at you? Well, that’s life! It’s going to throw eggs at you all the time. Let’s take those eggs, blend them with flour, butter, a lot of other exciting ingredients and make you the perfect donut that will fill your life with happiness.

So, Donut worry be happy. We are with you in every bite.

Indulge yourself with our nine mouth-watering flavors that will leave you craving for more. You won’t just be eating a donut; you will be indulging in a delicious, soulful creation.

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Blueberry Blues

(Blueberry Flavor)

He calls you up one Monday morning. It’s been a hard weekend and the week ahead doesn’t look very promising. The stress of work is heavy on him; he needs you! You drop everything and rush to his house, a blueberry donut in hand. The bright blue color of the donut captivates his eyes. He can smell the fresh berries and is delighted to see you.

He takes a bite out of our blueberry donut, it's strong and mouth-watering flavor cheering him up and making his day.

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Chocberry Chocolate

(Chocolate Flavor)

It’s her 21st birthday! She has been waiting for this day… the day she becomes an adult! She decides to get her taste buds accustomed to flavors usually preferred by adults. You take her out to try coffee, but it’s too bitter. You ask her to try rum and raisin, but it’s too strong. She finally picks up our chocolate donut. With its creamy chocolate, it’s just perfect.

The chocolate cream looks delicious on the tasty donut. The chocolate topping is simply delicious. She’s found it, her comfort flavor.

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Coffee Flavor

You have so much to tell her. Where do you start? You want to tell her how strongly you feel about her. You get her a coffee donut, the overpowering and creamy coffee icing of which is simply amazing. The dark brown color stands strong on the donut pedestal. As she takes a bite, she looks up into your eyes. “I love you that much,” you say. “Me too,” she replies.

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Iceberry Ice Cream

(Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor)

You’re walking down the street when she wants to stop for ice cream. But her favorite ice cream shop is closed, so you step into O’Café . You get her an ice berry donut; she reluctantly bites into it. The cold and smooth icing reminds her of her favorite ice cream. She thanks you and kisses your cheek.

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Jazzberry Jingle

(Lemon Flavor)

You want to make your sweetheart’s birthday special. You get her some daisies as yellow is her favorite color. She looks beautiful in her yellow sunflower dress and her smile lights up her face. You give her our Lemon donut, the color of which excites her. The lemon looks delicious on the donut and cream oozes into the crust.

She takes a bite off the donut and giggles, the sound of which you love. “I love lemon,” she says and takes another bite. The citrus lemon fills her soul with happiness.

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Jazzberry Orange

(Orange Flavor)

The night is drawing near. You can see the sun gracefully setting upon the horizon. You hold her hand. You don’t want to go home. If time could just stop! You look into her eyes, the most beautiful you have ever seen. You take out the last donut. It is bright and round just like the setting sun.

The dreamy orange cream cascades beautifully. With each bite of that delicious tangy orange, you forget the worries of the day. You learn to enjoy the moment. She leans towards you and kisses you. You walk back home and sink your head into the pillow. She is forever in your memories. And there goes your sleep!

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Redberry Rose

(Red Velvet Flavor)

In her elegant red dress and bright lipstick, she looks absolutely stunning. You hand her a red rose; she blushes and sips her hot coffee. A beautiful red velvet donut arrives at the table. The pretty red donut looks elegant on its white dish. You watch her take a bite of the creamy icing. You are in love.

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Roseberry Mary

(Rose Flavor)

You’re late! She’s been waiting a long time now. On your way, you pick up a rose donut. When you reach, she doesn’t smile, angered by you being late. No sorry can change her mood, so you give her the donut, hoping that it might change things. She takes it and bites it, a smile emerging on her face. The donut melts in her mouth along with its creamy rose icing.

The light pink smooth flavor shines atop the donut. Her cheeks turn pink, just like the donut. She says, “It’s okay, too much work?”, and gives you a warm hug.

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Springberry Sprinkles

(Strawberry Flavor)

You are out for a picnic with your lover. You spread out the picnic cloth. The two of you bond over bright pink donuts with colorful sprinkles. You brought her favorite - strawberry donuts. It was only the one time that she mentioned how much she loved the color pink and the flavor of strawberry. “You remembered,” she said, smiling. You share the sweetness of the fresh strawberry topping.

The pink frosting glows brightly atop the golden donut, looking simply scrumptious with colorful sprinkles on top. Laughter and giggles fill the air.

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