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Waffles for Breakfast

After a gloomy day at office. After a bad fight with your best friend. Away from the hustle and bustle of the daily blues. The crunch of a delicious golden-brown waffle reminds you to stop waffling and take a bite of our Waffleberry Jaffle to brighten up your day!

Not matter what your problem is, Waffleberry Jaffle is the perfect antidote to the confused mind, to the broken heart and to the tired soul.

On cold days, the soft and delicate waffle with maple syrup warms you from the inside. On hot days, a warm, crispy waffle with a topping of fresh cream and strawberries refreshes you from the outside.

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Jafle your life

Imagine you are a kid. Sitting on the counter top and begging for just a teeny tiny piece of cookie from your mum. With difficulty, she tries to say no to you. But your puppy dog eyes melts her heart and she relents by offering you one big chocolate cookie. With a twinkle of excitement in your eyes, you grab the cookie from her hands and start relishing it with your eyes closed. Heavenly feeling, right?

Waffleberry jaffle gives you a chance to relive that childhood experience with its mouth-watering flavours, crunchy nuts and delicious chocolate chip cookies. After all, say the word cookie and we all bring out the child in us.

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When you eat our Waffleberry Jaffle,
you are not worried about the past or the future;
your taste buds force you to enjoy the
moment and live in the present.

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