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Do you want to have your own O’Café? Do you want to make people happy by serving them delicious and mouth-watering donuts?

Think no more. Become a franchisee and join the O Café family. We understand that purchasing a franchise is an exciting task but can also be an daunting one. Don’t worry; we are here to help you.

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We have compiled a list of questions that are frequently asked by applicants.
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What is O’Café all about?
O’Café was started with the intention of spreading happiness and joy. We want customers to park their worries outside when entering the café. One step into O’Café should make them feel like a heavy burden has been lifted. The atmosphere, music and love at the café will lighten their troubles.
How long does it take to complete the franchisee application process?
Typically, the franchisee application process, between the signing and the opening of a business, may take up to a year or more.
The time frame varies based on the geographic location of your site.
What is the initial investment for starting an O’Café franchise?
The total initial investment required to open a franchise of O’Café will vary based on the selected site and its scope of construction. Please note that there is a franchisee fee applicable for each site; this fee ranges from $40,000 for domestic locations to $100,000 for international locations.
What are the components in the franchise fee?
The O Café franchise fee consists of:

• Fee for license of trade name.
• Fee for the O’Café logo.
• Fee applicable for assistance in finding a site.
• Fee for assistance in acquiring equipment, supplies and inventory.
• Any training fee.
• Fee for operational support via telephone and e-mail.
What are the financial prerequisites for starting an O’Café franchise?
A net worth of USD$250,000 in cash and/or liquid assets of $500,000 is required for starting a franchise of O’Café. Give us a buzz and we can walk you through the details.
Will O’Café offer assistance in the financing process?
We understand that acquiring capital to start a business can be a difficult task. For this reason, we help each applicant determine whether or not they can raise the amount required to open a site for an O’Café franchise. At O’Café, we do not want to miss out on the opportunity to work with great and innovative people just because they do not have the requisite capital.
What is the royalty fee?
The royalty fee amounts to 5% of net weekly sales.
What is the advertising fee?
The advertising fee is 10-15% of net weekly sales.
What qualities and characteristics does O’Café look for in a franchisee?
At O’Café, we are looking out for hardworking, passionate and honest individuals who are keen to start their own O’Café site. In the process of building our company, we want like-minded individuals that share our views and goals. For us, restaurant or business experience is not crucial. We understand that it is more important to have passionate people on board.
What kind of training will I receive?
You will receive training and assistance for opening a franchise for duration of x. You will be trained to deal with customers and manage your own shop. We shall make sure that you are confident enough to steer the helm of the new O’Café. You will also have unlimited support from us after the opening of the new store.
What should the size of the O Café store be?
An O’Café store should ideally be x sq feet.
Why should you choose O Café over any other donut franchise?
O’Café is not a typical, mechanical entity. We will offer you a personal and exclusive experience as well as provide you with an exceptional level of service. Every one of your inputs will be valued and taken into consideration. We want to work with our franchisees to mould and help the company grow.
Does O’Café sell territories?
Yes, O’Café welcomes the possibility of selling territories. Please note that if you are keen on a specific site or territory, you may contact us for further information.
Does O’Café offer area development opportunities?
Yes, O’Café intends to open stores across the globe over time.
How do you proceed if you are aware of a good location for an O’Café store?
Yes, we at O’Café are always ready to share our experiences on site location and selection, helping you to find that perfect spot.
Does each O’Café franchise have an exclusive territory?
Yes, we will approve and agree the specific territory and location during the application process.
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