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Why berry? What berry?

Berry, berry, berry… wondering why it’s all over our donuts?

Donuts are something we love. We are not guilty about it and we love experimenting with them. We have realized that happiness is a plate of berrilicious goodness And that this happiness doubles when talking about a berrilicious donut.
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To many, berries are symbolic of happiness.

At O’café, we love making people happy by offering them a box of “very berry” donuts.

Berries are our way of remembering the sweetest of memories that we share with you at our café; the bittersweet memories of a first coffee date, a soulful talk or even a misunderstanding with your loved one, all of which encapsulate the different contrasting tastes of sweet and sour that berries comprise of.

That’s what life is about; a mixture of ups and down - fun, joy, laughter and tears. That is exactly what makes life interesting, just like our donuts.

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Every cup of Coffee you have at O'Cafe will awaken the romantic in you once again. We want to make even the simplest moments of life you spend with your loved one memorable. And what better way to cherish it than with a cup of coffee that spreads warmth and happiness in you.
Our Donuts are engineered to spread happiness. So we invite you to take a bite and forget all your worries instantly. Every donut we serve is made with a whole lot of happiness and love, and this is what we want our customers to savor.

By creating the perfect experience, we want customers to indulge in our donuts and be transported to their happy place. So donut worry, be happy!
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Live Life

We truly believe in living life to the fullest. But at the same time, we also believe in enjoying the little things in life, like taking time of your busy day to savor a deliciously beautiful donut.

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