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How We Do Business

O’Café is not a business for us; it’s our passion. We want to spread happiness in galore.

From the moment a customer steps foot into the shop up until the time he/she leaves, we want the entire period to be a distinct and distinguished experience.
At the counter where you order your donut, you will find our staff is more than happy to brief you on our unique concepts and help you choose the perfect donut for yourself. We ensure that we have an emotional connection with our customers.

The attendants enjoy serving you and their love for work is made evident through the service that you will receive. Our staff will be at your beck and call; your wish is our command. Don’t like something? Call our attendants, and they will be there to help you.

At O’Café , hygiene is of the utmost importance, and we take pride in maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. We ensure that our cooking stations are frequently cleaned and have no oil or sugar stains. The chefs also use caps and gloves while cooking and baking.

We want to ensure that every person who enters our café, steps out feeling thrilled, happy and content while at the same time seeing the world through new eyes.

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Women’s Equality

Equality for women is not a gender-specific movement. By enabling women to reach their complete potential, we are supporting a better society, economy and workforce, something that benefits the population as a whole.

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Going Green

This is not just a slogan for us. It is something that is engraved in O’Café ’s DNA. We use sustainable architecture to build some of our outlets. Plants and flowers form an integral part of the café, adding color and joy to our lives. By organizing tree planting events and gifting customers with saplings on special occasions, we “Go Green” by creating change in various small ways.

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At O’Café , we care for our environment. We make our contribution to its conservation by incorporating small changes in our daily activities. At present, we are working toward a plastic-free environment by putting our donuts and sandwiches in recycled paper bags and cardboard packaging. Our coffee and drinks are also packaged in sustainable and environment-friendly cups.

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We love and serve everyone, regardless of their race, class, gender and religion. Equality is one of the core values of our café and we strive towards social justice and communal harmony. We want people to feel that. At our café, we strive to encourage an open society which supports its shared love towards humanity.

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How can we serve coffee and donuts when there is war elsewhere? Through our campaigns and events, we create awareness of the need for world peace. Our doors are also open for campaigns and interactive sessions that support peace and harmony.

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Balance of Trade

At O’Café , we believe in giving back to the farmers who supply us with our ingredients. With the rise in agricultural production and corporations, we try and support fair trade by sourcing from small-scale farmers. By contributing a part of our profits to farmers and agricultural causes, we strive to establish sustainable agriculture.

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Animal Testing

Every animal, regardless of its size, is entitled to a peaceful life on our planet. At O’Café , we are strongly against the use of animals for testing of products meant for human use and support anti-cruelty campaigns on animals.

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Spreading Happiness!

The driving force of O’Café is to spread happiness. We organize events for underprivileged sections of society and orphanages on special occasions. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, proposals or any special occasion, we are ready to surprise. Nothing can beat our café when it comes to donuts and surprises.

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