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Our Burger - Something Different

Tired of the usual, boring burgers? Let us give you something different! How about a burger that is as mouthwatering and served in charcoal black? Yes, Charberry Black. You will love it.

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Wake up to a new taste!

Ever wondered what the dark side of the burger you love eating could be? Don't think too hard, let us show you.

At O'cafe, we believe that even the health addicts deserve a guiltless indulgence. As for those who don't care much about the nutritional value of what you eat, just leave that to us.

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Charcoal Black

Tickle your palate with our Charberry Black burger that will leave you feeling mind blown with its overwhelming flavors. Yes, Charberry Black. You will love it.

Trust us, Black is the new Green. Infused with antioxidants and the benefits of activated charcoal, we have unveiled the secret ingredients that will let you enjoy everybody's favorite burger in it's best possible form!

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Resistance is futile.

The scrumptious Charberry Black burger
will have you hooked in no time!

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