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After a gloomy day at office. After a bad fight with your best friend. Away from the hustle and bustle of the daily blues. The crunch of a delicious golden-brown waffle reminds you to stop waffling and take a bite of our Waffleberry Jaffle to brighten up your day!

Not matter what your problem is, Waffleberry Jaffle is the perfect antidote to the confused mind, to the broken heart and to the tired soul.

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On cold days, the soft and delicate waffle with maple syrup warms you from the inside. On hot days, a warm, crispy waffle with a topping of fresh cream and strawberries refreshes you from the outside.
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Ingredients we use

It is just the right blend of flour, fine Belgium chocolate, silky smooth premium quality butter, exotic brown sugar, chunky chocolate chips, crunchy almonds, milk, and eggs. At O’café, we believe that great quality is of utmost essence to create cookie magic.
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Dunk in milk and enjoy

There is a certain way to savor cookies. Yes! The glorious dunk! Take the golden Waffleberry cookie in your hand. Hold the chocolate chip filled circle of wonder in between your thumb and index finger and dunk it in a gigantic glass of warm or cold milk. Be patient till your cookie soaks in the milk and then comes the moment of truth…bite into it.

Enjoy the sound of the cookie crumbling between your teeth mixed with its amazing, rich taste. Wait! It doesn’t end there. Once you are done with the cookies, gulp down the milk which is now a magical potion infused with the deliciousness of chocolate and nuts.
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