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Do you want all that Jazz?

If you do, walk in and take a sip of our Jazzberry Juice. With all magical potion, this refreshing drink will jazz you up!

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The Ultimate Love Potion

Our minty Jazzberry Juice is the ultimate love potion. Try Jazzberry with the love of your life and watch how your emotions get more intense! With all the happy ingredients we have added, this juice is certain to jazz you up!

It’s like something you have never tasted before!

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Served Ice Cold

Served ice cold, our drink is guaranteed to cool you down and give you a burst of new found energy.
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Always Fresh

We ensure the freshest of ingredients for our drink, including freshly procured organic orange and honey. Not only do we believe in serving a tasty drink, but we also want our customers to enjoy a healthy and organic beverage that instantly refreshes them.
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Like the Fizz?

With the freshness of oranges and the fizziness of soda, be prepared to get all fuzzy on the inside.

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Jazzberry Juice Tequila Tingle

Feel the need to unwind with a drink but too lazy to head to a pub? Come try our refreshing twist to the O cafe orange juice Jazzberry Jingle with a liberal dose of Tequila.

Tingle your senses..

The latest addition to our menu, the Jazzbery Tequila Tingle, isn’t just yummy, it is made with the freshest, juiciest oranges squeezed and shaken with crushed ice and a giant dose of the party spirit - Tequila.
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A drink to chill…

Relax in our cosy cafe and enjoy our tequila tingle amidst all the love, warmth and joy that our cafe and it’s staff shower you with.

Origin of the Tequila Tingle.

We wanted to gift a unique experience to our guests who are shy party lovers who need their drink but prefer quieter places and intimate company. If you are one of those, come visit any O cafe outlet, try out the magical Tequila Tingle and get ready to get mind blown.
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