O'Cafe Macarons

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Sweet Simple Things!

“It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
- Laura Ingalls Wilder

Our macarons are tiny and bite-sized, with a perfectly crispy meringue and creamy filling that has the power to fill your soul with a little zing and a whole lot of positivity. Just one bite and the sugar in our delicate macaron will go all the way through your body and hug your soul.

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Goodbye Diet!

Macberry Macarons pair perfectly with expressos, cappuccinos, green tea, hot chocolate… well, just about anything! We can assure you that our petite macarons in bright, beautiful colors can elevate any mood and lighten up anyone’s day!

When you see your favorite macarons in front of you, you will have to say goodbye to your diet. At least until you are done with secretly gobbling up one of our macarons! Go ahead, take a bite - No one’s looking!

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My Macaron, My Dear!

Accept it, Macarons are just plain cute. And guess what, they’re gluten-free too! Oh dear, now just forget about the sugar, will you?

One, two, or maybe three? It really won’t matter. “Bet you can’t have just one,” does not apply to the Macberry Macaron. It is so overwhelming and wonderful, you can be satisfied with just one. And that one Macaron will be such a heavenly indulgence, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it through the day.

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Munch Munch Macaron

Have you ever felt like you desperately need to munch on something when you are bored, when you wake up from a deep slumber or after a filling meal? You may even scrounge something from the kitchen, all the while receiving glares from your mum. If you are guilty of this sinful snacking, then our Macaron is your perfect partner-in-crime.

Our irresistible macarons are worth everything, especially the occasional yelling by your mum! Why you ask? Because once you bite into this sweet surprise, you will forget everything, including yourself.

As you bite into it, be prepared to experience a burst of soulful flavors in your mouth. If the bite doesn’t satisfy your stomach, the crackly and crispy meringue that follows it definitely will.

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Life is short. Enjoy the simplest things! Eat every Macaron as though it is your last Macaron.

Enjoy every bite.
Really, enjoy every bite.

Truly Melts in your Mouth.

This bite sized dream dessert defines “melt in your mouth” feeling. Literally. As you savor it, various flavours of meringue and cream coats your mouth, making you crave more and more. Do not judge these macarons by their size. After all, good things come in small packages.

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