O'Cafe Frenchies

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A combo of the classics..

I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream… Bad days are best when forgotten over french fries… Now how would you describe the experience when the two classics come together to create sweet magic?

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Sweet Power!

At o'cafe, we bring to you the combined power of Fries and Ice Cream as Frenchies, the first of it’s kind sweet treat that’s sure to blow your mind.

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Method to Sweetness..

Frenchies is the result of the creative efforts of our chefs to bring to the table a treat that’s as delicious as it’s unique. So they picked the freshest sweet potatoes, crisped them to perfection, tossed them in powdered sugar and paired them with an exclusive range of ice cream dips.

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Dunk and Pop

The dips which come in a variety of flavours is sweet and light and makes for the perfect accompaniment to the hot fries. Dunk the warm fry in the cold dip and relish the rendezvous of flavours and textures with each bite of the Frenchies.

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Hot + Cold = Heaven

Our goal is to gift guests with a quirky, gastronomical, roller coaster of an experience. To top off the melody of flavours, there is the hot and cold surprise celebration that awaits guests as the hot fry and the ice cream blend together. So come try a Frenchie and experience new happiness.

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The next evolution in French Fries. The Frenchies

Tired of same old french fries. Boring, outdated recipe? It is time to elevate your taste buds. Try our unique Frenchies. It is like no other.

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